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Prikazani događaji


Saint Martin's Day
Snježana Krišto / datum: 25. 11. 2021. 18:11

Saint Martin's Day was celebrated in our school from from the 8th to the 18th November 2021 during the German lessons with the teachers Snježana Krišto and Sanja Lišnjić. The third graders were singing a song "Laterne, Laterne" and learned the choreography for the song. The second graders were listening to the story about Saint Martin's life, drawing the lanterns and playing the "freezing" game in which they "freeze" when the music stops. They were also singing "Laterne, Laterne" and dancing.

The fifth graders were making the lanterns.

The sixth graders were reading the story about Saint Martin's life and making comics about Saint Martin helping people in need.

You can check out the third graders' work on this youtube link:

You can also check out other pupils' work on in the gallery by clicking on the link right HERE.


                                                                                   Luka Matoković

                                                                                   Slaven Mitar

                                                                                   Duje Plavčić

                                                                                   Renato Tišma


Quality labels for eTwinning projects
Snježana Krišto / datum: 14. 10. 2021. 18:47

As many as seven teachers from our school received quality labels for eTwinning projects in which they participated during the last school year. Teachers Sanja Vidović, Anita Mišković, Marijana Svalina, Marka Grbeša and Mira Racić received the quality label for the project Priča moga kraja, foreign language teachers Ivana Hrastović Mandarić and Snježana Krišto received the quality label for the project A journey through the water, and for the project Male tehničke radionice the quality label was awarded to Sanja Vidović and Ivana Hrastović Mandarić also received a quality label for for the WEBCLASSROOM / Webučionica 2.0.

Congratulations to all teachers on the labels and effort they have invested in projects together with their students and we wish them a lot of success in all future projects.


                    Slaven Mitar, Duje Plavčić, Renato Tišma and Luka Matoković, 6.a


An interview with the teacher Ivana Hrastović Mandarić - one of the 511 Croatian best teachers
Snježana Krišto / datum: 10. 10. 2021. 17:11

Teacher Ivana Hrastović Mandarić has been awarded as one of the 511 Croatian best teachers.


European Day of Languages 2021
Snježana Krišto / datum: 10. 10. 2021. 14:47

This year we celebrated the European day of languages, which is celebrated on the 26th September, on the international level. With the teamwork of friends and stundents from Elementary school Dora Pejačević in Našice, Elementary school Franje Krežme in Osijek, High school Izidora Kršnjavog in Našice, Elementary school Kralja Tomislava in Našice, Elementary schools Ivan Brnjik Slovak, Jelisavac and guests from Argentina, Cipar and Russia, we had an online event which lasted from the 20th September to 26th September.

We did different activities with students in class: greetings in other languages, talking in different languages, competing in Eurovision in which students sang choruses of the songs in different languages, presenting different European languages, drawing symbols and flags of some countries and so on. Short videos of some activities are uploaded on the digital online platform Flipgrid.

Culmination of the celebration was on the 25th September 2021 when a public event was hosted on the main streets of Našice and you can see the handful activities in a pdf document below.

You can see some of the activities that we did as videos on the link .

Happy European day of languages!


                                                                               Luka Matoković, 6.a


The Book of Goodness
Snježana Krišto / datum: 27. 5. 2021. 20:43

Because of pandemic, it is not allowed to do activites based around The week of Vladimir Nazor in a usual way, so we realized that we can all participate in the making of a short movie about everything good that we teach our kids, so that our kids spread that lessons around the world. It is important for every student to actively participate in the making of the movie and nobody has a worse or better "role" because everybody is important! The message of the video is that we have to care about the world we live in and make it as good as we can.

                                                                                   Luka Matoković, 5.a


An interview with the teacher Snježana Krišto by Tena Mikić
Snježana Krišto / datum: 20. 4. 2021. 13:23

Tena Mikić did an interview with the teacher Snježana Krišto. You can see the video on the link below:


Snježana Krišto / datum: 29. 3. 2021. 18:44

Easter is here, everyone is happy. Love is the most important right now. May your Easter basket be filled with love and happiness. I wish you a happy Easter, filled with love. May God bless you all!

                                                                                   Luka Matoković, 5.a


Happy Easter!
Snježana Krišto / datum: 28. 3. 2021. 14:33

Easter is about sharing love, and maybe a little chocolate, too. Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! We wish you happiness, prosperity, harmony and a spring mood.

Happy Easter to you and your family. May this special day be blessed with joy and happiness.


                                                                                        Duje Plavčić, 5.a


An interview with Dora Belvanović
Snježana Krišto / datum: 2. 2. 2021. 16:53

Hello, Dora! Today we are going to ask you some questions. The first question is: How old are you?

I'm eleven.

Where do you live?

I live in Đakovo.

How long have you been playing tennis?

I have been playing tennis for 6 years.

Do you like tennis a lot?

Yes, I do.

Why do you like tennis?

Because it's an individual sport and I just like it.


                                                                      Luka Matoković, 5.a


Tennis! Dora Belvanović finished in the second place in Croatia under the age of 12
Snježana Krišto / datum: 29. 1. 2021. 20:36

At the beginning of each year, the Croatian Tennis Association publishes lists of the best tennis players. Dora Belvanović, a 5th grader from Đakovo, currently holds the second place in the category of female players under the age of 12 with 295 points. Dora is just behind current number one Ana Petković who has 437 points.

Dora 's coach Mario Beljan stated that her achievement in 2020 came as a result of hard work and excellent results in great number of tournaments played.


                                                                                     Renato Tišma, 5.a


Merry Christmas!
Snježana Krišto / datum: 14. 12. 2020. 22:24

Dear teachers!

Let all your dreams come true. May your holidays sparkle with joy and laughter.

Merry Christmas!


                                                                                     Duje Plavčić, 5.a


Snježana Krišto / datum: 14. 12. 2020. 21:01


Christmas message
Snježana Krišto / datum: 14. 12. 2020. 20:52

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New year. Hopefully, we will get enough rest during the holidays. We won't see each other that much, but everything is gonna be fine, hopefully.


                                                                                Luka Matoković, 5.a


An interview with Lara Bošković
Snježana Krišto / datum: 28. 11. 2020. 19:44

In our school we often have students who have spent some time in Germany - our student Lara Bošković, who is in the 6th grade, also has. The friends from her class did an interview with her during the German lesson. You can see the video on the link below:

Best regards from the 6th grade and teacher Sanja Lišnjić!


                                                                                      Lovro Kedačić, 8.c


Vukovar Rememberance Day
Snježana Krišto / datum: 19. 11. 2020. 14:42

On November 17th the students brought and lit candles outside the school for the Rememberance day for the victims of Vukovar. They used candles to form a water tower and a dove in memory of all the victims that died and all the horrible things that happened during the months-long siege in 1991.

                                                               Mihael Gilman, 8.c


An interview with Luka and Matija Ćurić (also known as Luke and Matthew) about Halloween
Snježana Krišto / datum: 24. 10. 2020. 11:26

Halloween is coming. Today we are talking to two brothers, Luka and Matija Ćurić (also known as Luke and Matthew), about their preparations for Halloween. You can see the interview in the following video.

Happy Halloween!


                                                                                 Lovro Kedačić, 8.c


Don't borrow anything! It's Corona time!
Snježana Krišto / datum: 22. 10. 2020. 14:02

 In their English lesson, the 2.b class learned new vocabulary about school supplies, how to ask someone to borrow and how to respond to someone who is asking you to borrow them your school supplies with their English teacher Snježana Krišto. They also showed that they are responsible and understand that they shouldn't borrow stuff to other people because of the ongoing pandemic. Therefore, they accepted the idea of filming this activity with enthusiasm as it's an ideal chance to remind other people of that as well. In the following video you can see what the students have learned and what they're trying to tell us.


                                                                                Mihael Gilman, 8.c


Celebrating European Day of Languages in a slightly different way
Snježana Krišto / datum: 9. 10. 2020. 11:08

Despite the epidemiological measures that are currently in force in Croatian schools in our school, the European Day of Languages, which is celebrated on September 26 throughout Europe, has been publicly marked in foreign languages ​​this year as well. As linguistic diversity is a tool for achieving greater intercultural understanding and a key factor in the rich cultural heritage of our continent, the Council of Europe promotes multilingualism throughout Europe. Our school has a long tradition of teaching German, English and Hungarian. A handful of activities related to the topic of European Day of Languages ​​were held with the students within their classes, and presented on the digital online platform Padlet. The students enthusiastically accepted the activities we designed and showed exceptional creativity - so we will learn from a humorous sketch about stereotypes why drafts and cold concrete are the number one enemy for health; listen to various greetings and expressions in different European languages. Click on the following link to see the activities: .


                                                                                      Lovro Kedačić, 8.c


Winter workshops
Snježana Krišto / datum: 7. 1. 2020. 18:10

Winter workshops took place on the 2nd and 3rd January from 9 am to 1 pm in our school. These were the tenth workshops. You could choose from 40 different workshops to visit there. You could do a ton of stuff, from building rockets to baking pancakes and a lot more. The point is to be creative, have fun and learn some new things.

                                                                                        Mihael Gilman, 7.c


Dear teachers, employees and classmates!
Snježana Krišto / datum: 19. 12. 2019. 20:14

I wish you a merry, cozy Christmas. Spend it with family and friends and have fun! Give and receive presents, listen to Christmas music, decorate the tree with ornaments, etc. Be the best version of yourself! Think about the good things in life! More love, less hate! Once again, merry Christmas!

                                                                                Domagoj Petz, 7.a


Snježana Krišto / datum: 19. 12. 2019. 19:58

Life isn't always fair,

So on Christmas you have to share.

It will make you better,

Even when it's a bad weather.


Call some friends and play a game,

With someone it won't be lame.

You can get a Christmas tree and decorate it,

After that, get yourself something sweet.


                                                                        Lovro Kedačić, 7.c


Christmas letter
Snježana Krišto / datum: 19. 12. 2019. 19:49

Dear Slavoslav,

I wish you a merry Christmas. How are you doing? I hope you're having fun in Canada with your family. I hope you don't die in all that snow that you have there. Anyway, I want you to be really happy and that you get tons of presents from Santa! What do you want for Christmas this year? I wanna know! I want a new bike or maybe a new computer. I just can't wait! I am having lots of fun here in Britain with my friends. We have snowball fights almost every day. I'm really happy here, but I know I'll have to come back to California once the Christmas break is over.

                                                                      With lots of love, Josip

                                                                            Mihael Gilman, 7.c


Vukovar Rememberance Day
Snježana Krišto / datum: 19. 11. 2019. 13:18

On November 18, students of Vladimir Nazor Elementary School lit lanterns in front of the school in honor of the fallen city, the hero city, Vukovar, which had been occupied for 3 months.

                                                                                       Lovro Kedačić, 7.c


White Cane Day
Snježana Krišto / datum: 22. 10. 2019. 18:51

White Cane Day is celebrated every year on October 15 and the main reason is to talk about the needs of blind people and people with bad eyesight. A white cane helps them get around.

This year our school also participated. Four eight graders and their teachers Željka Starčvić and Ivana Hrastović Mandarić visited Našice and met Borna, the blind boy. After talking and playing games with him, they stepped into his shoes. They learned how blind people write and wrote their names with their teachers.

                                                                                       Domagoj Petz, 7.a


Fourth graders' trip to Osijek
Snježana Krišto / datum: 18. 10. 2019. 20:31